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Jetpack Security te ofrece una interfaz fácil de usar con un completo sistema de seguridad para tu sitio web de WordPress incluyendo copias de seguridad, análisis de malware y protección contra spam.

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Una ilustración que muestra una copia de seguridad de un sitio web de hoy, con una opción para descargarla o restaurarla

Jetpack Backup

No hay tiempo que perder con periodos de inactividad

Las copias de seguridad en tiempo real guardan todos los cambios y la restauración con un solo clic te permite volver a estar online rápidamente.

Find out exactly which action (or person) broke your site with the activity log.

Crear copias de seguridad manuales conlleva tiempo y seguro que tienes cosas más importantes que hacer. Jetpack Backup se activa en un segundo plano, por lo que no tendrás que crearlas.

An illustration showing a web site being scanned for security threats

Jetpack Scan

Sencillo, pero eficaz

Adelántate a las amenazas de seguridad gracias a los análisis de malware automáticos y las reparaciones con un solo clic.

You can review WordPress security scan results in one centralized location, fix problems, and restore backups.

If Jetpack does notice a problem, you’ll receive an instant email alert so you can fix it right away and get back to running your business.

An illustration showing a graph of the number of spam comments blocked

Jetpack Anti-spam

Never think about spam again

Ahorra horas de trabajo borrando automáticamente el spam de los comentarios y formularios.

No more CAPTCHAs, so visitors submit more forms, and you won't waste time on fake responses.

No more spam means visitors can comment and engage distraction-free — without being sidetracked, duped, or just annoyed.

Protección contra ataques de fuerza bruta

We automatically block attempts to hack your site from millions of known malicious attackers.

Supervisión del tiempo de inactividad

We’ll let you know instantly if your site goes down, so you can find out before your customers do.

Registro de actividad

Understand every site change and take the guesswork out of site management and repair.

More than 5 million WordPress sites trust Jetpack for their website security and performance

Solo tuve que hacer un clic para restaurar mi tienda WooCommerce. No solo hizo un gran trabajo sino que la interfaz es fantástica y fácil de usar. Jetpack Backup hizo una copia mi sitio web súper rápido.

Oli, Developer

Sevenoaks Bookshop

Leer más sobre como Jetpack Security mantuvo Sevenoaks Bookshop activo y funcionado
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How does Jetpack Backup work?

Jetpack Backup is activated and your first backup is created as soon as you complete your purchase. At the top of your activity log, you will see the following prompt to add remote access / server credentials for your site. These credentials allow you to connect for backups if the Jetpack connection isn’t working and they’re also required for site restores.

Once backups start, you’ll see a “Backup complete” event in your activity log, either daily or when you make changes, and know that your site is securely backed up. Click the ellipsis (three dots) to the right of the event will show available restore and download options.

With this WordPress backup plugin, you can revert changes or restore an earlier version of your site if you need to - regardless of whether it’s because your WordPress security scan has picked up a malicious threat, or if you’ve simply been messing around with your site’s design. No ifs, ands, or uh-ohs about it.

What threats does Jetpack Scan catch?

Threats might include:

  • Changes to Core WordPress files - generally, these files should never be changed, so your WordPress security scan will automatically flag any changes as suspicious.
  • Outdated or insecure plugins - Plugins that have known security vulnerabilities will be detected by Jetpack Scan. If there’s a newer version that has patched the threat, you can update the plugin with one click. If there is no newer version with a fix, we allow you to delete the plugin from your site.
  • Other Vulnerabilities - Web-based shells give an attacker full access to your server — allowing them to execute malicious code, delete files, make changes to your database, and many more dangerous things. Shells are usually found in files, so our WordPress vulnerability scanner will pick them up so they can be removed by deleting any infected files from your server and replaced with a clean version from your backup.

The WordPress vulnerability scanner page provides an at-a-glance reference of the current state of the site. It will either show that the site is looking great, or it will list the currently active threats.

What other security features does Jetpack Security include?

Besides backups, malware scanning, and comment spam protection, Jetpack Security includes:

  • Brute force attack protection - We automatically block attempts to hack your site from millions of known malicious attackers.

  • Downtime monitoring - We’ll let you know instantly if your site goes down, so you can find out before your customers do.

  • Activity log - Understand every site change and take the guesswork out of site management and repair.

  • Secure authentication - Sign in to WordPress sites quickly and securely, and add optional two-factor authentication.

Why do I need security for my site?

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