Protect your WooCommerce store with Jetpack Backup

Real-time backups save every sale and one-click restores get you back online quickly

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Store downtime means lost sales

One minute of downtime costs small e-commerce businesses an average of almost $9,000*. Jetpack Backup gives you the tools to get your WooCommerce store back online in minutes.

* DataFoundry - How to Calculate the True Cost of Downtime

Protect your data

Protecting customer data is harder than ever with persistent hackers, plugin vulnerabilities, and even human error. Jetpack Backup saves your data in multiple places around the globe to ensure your business is always safe.

Plugins made for each other

Jetpack and WooCommerce are both Automattic companies, so plugins are fully compatible and you can work with a single support team.

Tranquilidad a partir de $10 al mes.

Obtén dos meses gratuitos con el precio anual

It took just one click to restore my WooCommerce store. It was a great interface and it did the job. Jetpack Backup saved my site really quickly.”

Oli, Developer

Sevenoaks Bookshop

Understand every change

Find out exactly which action (or person) broke your store with the activity log.

Déjanos el trabajo duro

Crear copias de seguridad manuales conlleva tiempo y seguro que tienes cosas más importantes que hacer. Jetpack Backup se activa en un segundo plano, por lo que no tendrás que crearlas.

Restaura tu sitio desde cualquier lugar

Get back online in one click even if you’re not at your desk with Jetpack Backup and the WordPress mobile app.

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Protect your investment

Get a backup plan for your business’ most important asset